Why Healthy Trees can Make Your Property More Valuable If You Choose to Sell

When buying a new home what are the first things you look for? Good school district, closest grocery store, and the tree coverage in the front and back yards. As homeowners we want our yards to be as beautiful as our homes. Having dying or rotting trees in the front yard can turn you away from buying a home. If the previous owner didn’t take care of their trees, you can’t help but think of what other problems they neglected throughout the property.

Trees are arguably the first impression that your home will give off. Having a large healthy free standing oak in your front yard can show that you care about your home and have a bit of a green thumb. A study by the University of Washington found that consumers will on average travel farther distances to visit city districts with more vibrant tree life and spend more time there. There is also a stark correlation between renting properties quality landscapes. There is a 7% higher rate for renters when the yard of a renting property is better kept than those not. The effect doesn’t stop at just the individual home either. Larger, maintained trees can add an increase of up to 15% in property values across a neighborhood. These professional arborists say that the proper pruning and caring of mature trees allow the trees to grow larger and have the dense top foliage to provide a blanket of cooling shade. A Clemson University study reported on HGTV found that homeowners found a 100% or larger return on any investment they put into landscaping when selling their home on the market. Starting the planting and caring process is vital. Mature trees can take anywhere from five to seven years to fully reach the noticeable maturity that is a vital asset to any property they stand on.

Even if a homeowner isn’t thinking of selling their property for years to come it’s important to start thinking about landscaping and tree care today. It’s an investment that can potentially pay off double years down the road. Proper lawn care is as important a keeping up with the roofing and foundation of a home because they are an interlinked system. The roots of tree neighbor the home’s foundation and the branches can cover the roof area. Having an arborist inspect one’s trees to ensure that the relationship between home and yard is a healthy one is vital for the property value as a whole. Tree care and maintenance is truly the gift that keeps on giving and growing.

When it comes to the property value the market is the only force out of the homeowner’s control. What they can control, however, is their landscaping. Making sure their yard is the highest quality possible is the best way to ensure that when the time comes to sell, a homeowner can get the most out of the work they put in.

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